Annoying Spam


Lately I have received many messages on my email that international groups dealing with pornography or essay writing are trying to post on my blog page.  I find these emails offensive and totally inappropriate.  

I also know that I am taking a risk posting my photos of my paintings on this site as there are unscrupulous people in Asia who simply copy work and sell it.  I am neither famous nor wealthy and so I do not understand why anyone would bother to copy my paintings.  I do love what I do and I will continue to post on this page.  But, like most people, I am outraged by this greed and callousness, especially when my animal charities are victimized.  

And so, if you are one of these "students" or "teachers" in an English essay writing course, please just stop writing nonsense.  

Because of this intrusion into my life and this website, I am not allowing any comments to be posted.  And I would hope that those who are copying my art, suffer some sort of grief for this theft.  Unfortunately my host site seems to be unable to set up a sufficient firewall to protect my pages, but that is the way of the world now.  Sadly!



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