I have been doing a lot of watercolour lately.  It started when the owner of a bookshop in Edgemont Village invited me to submit  a couple of watercolours to her store, 32 Books.  "The Cracked Pot" is there now, waiting for a buyer. The legend of the cracked pot tells about a woman carrying water up the hill to a garden owned by the Emporer.  When she got to the top, she discovered that her water was gone, but water from the pot had nurtured the flowers all the way up the hill and had fulfilled its mission of bringing beauty to the land. The lesson is that beauty is not always found in things which are perfect!  As I get more and more of my own cracks, I cling to this thought.

In June, I painted "en plein air" at Ambleside.  It is hard for me to paint outside with people watching; I get to talking.  This led to one of the most beautiful moments of my summer when an elderly woman, a true beauty in her 90's, approached. We talked for at least a half hour with her memories of her experiences with elephants resurfacing again and again. She was so passionate about elephants and the need to treat them with kindness and throw away the bull hooks, that I felt very drawn to her.  After a while, she looked longingly at one of my paintings (Elephant Dream) and we made a good deal for all of us.  I carried her new painting to her apartment and placed it on a hook opposite her bed.  She was so touched by it and I was so touched by her caring.  That money she gave me has now gone to support the March for Elephants and Rhinos to be held October 3.  Thank you, Jacqueline!  

I will continue to paint at Ambleside by the sea in September on the days when the sun shines and most probably on the weekends.  



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