My father-in-law, Peter Croezen, passed away last week (April 30), after a very sudden and devastating diagnosis of lung cancer.  Peter was a fine man who was very positive about my painting, bless him!  He was a father of four sons, a grandfather and great-grandfather.  He immigrated to Canada in 1956 from Holland and became a teacher in Newmarket, North Bay and Kitchener.  When he retired from teaching, he took several groups of Dutch tourists on travels around Canada; he was a treasure trove of interesting stories.  In 2010, he returned to his home town of Coervorden in the Netherlands where he instigated the renaming of the main streets of the town after the Canadian soldiers (James Reilly, Mervin Brampton and Montgomery Cliff) who liberated it on April 5, 1945.  

Peter also developed a method of reproducing rare endangered orchids in a test tube and travelled several times to Peru where he taught students how to use his method to save orchids which are threatened with extinction in the mountains.  There were always thousands of tiny orchids in his home laboratory.  He created hybrids of orchids and named them after his grandchildren and his daughters-in-law.  I was never very good at keeping his orchids alive and had to return one that he gave me when it was in serious condition.  However, I have recently painted a watercolour of a white phalanopsis in a cracked pot (see my Watercolour page).  I think I need to work on a few more orchid paintings and I will remember him as I paint. I can never look again at an Orchid without fondly remembering Peter Croezen.

My life was all the better because of Peter Croezen.  



05/22/2015 3:15am

We have lost a dear friend,
R.I.P. Peter Croezen,
you are in God's hands now,
All our sympathy goes to the family and friends.
God bless you all.

Ashfaq Hossain
08/18/2015 6:05am

Hello Sue,
Out of the blue I remembered Peter after long years and thought of calling him about Orchids. But coldn`t remember his full name.
I had sold him his very first computer 1995. Being new to a new technology he used to be very worried not knowing how to handle it. So I used to encourage him by saying `by next year you will be an expert user of a pc``. Which he became and came to tell me that after I had moved from Kitchener to Guelph. In gratitude he had brought one of his own version of an Orchid for my wife with full instruction on how to take care of it.
Suddenly a few days ago I remembered his full name and decided to check him out in the net.
Very sad to find out that he is no more.
He was a very simple person with an honest, caring, a kind heart. May God bless his soul.
I will remember him.
Ashfaq Hossain

Martin Duizendstra
11/24/2015 6:28am

Always in my mind and in my heart, and i think of him because he was a very special person, with a golden heart.
His body maybe is gone but i will remeber him for ever. God bless you Sue.

Martin Duizendstra
12/26/2015 12:48pm

Gos bless you dear Sue, and remember there are people out there who care als about you, we never did meet in real life, but i think you are a fantastic woman, and Peter will be still proud at you.
Greetings Martin.

12/26/2015 1:41pm

Sorry Sue but Gos has to be God , sorry for the wrong word. :(


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