My show at Ron Andrews Community Centre is over.  In all I have sold six paintings and think I have a commission to paint one more.  It has been a wonderful experience.  Such an opportunity.  
I have a nice contribution to make to the David Sheldrick Sanctuary and will do that the moment that I receive the cheque for my paintings.  My donation will go toward the teams of vet and air surveillance pilots who are patrolling for poachers or wounded elephants.  I will make the donation in memory of Cecil Ewart Cade, my cousin, who was the first warden at the first wild animal sanctuary in Nairobi.

The battle against illegal ivory poaching continues and more and more celebrities are joining the fight.  My contribution will be teeny weensy compared to that of George Clooney or Angelina Jolie or Prince Andrew, but no less heartfelt.  I cannot ever understand the ignorance that feeds this illegal trade and surely an ivory statue cannot bring an auspicious future for someone so stupid as to believe that killing a magnificent beast like an elephant will bring them good luck.  

Of course, I feel the same for those who go to hunt the cariboo when their numbers are dangerously low, or for those who hunt lions or tigers or any wild animal.  We do not need to kill these animals; it is only to feed the weak human ego.  I doubt that even the Inuit need to hunt the Beluga Whales anymore.  And yet, it goes on.  Governments have the power to stop most of this killing, but they do not.  Even now, two elephants and many other wild animals are to be slaughtered to celebrate Robert Mugabe's birthday!  Surely it is time for that madman to die!  But there are always more evil beings to fill his shoes....

Ok, now, enough.  I have done my little bit and shall do more.  If I had millions, I would probably send them also.  I have all I need.   If you are reading this, and you have not yet fostered an elephant, please do so, and do it NOW!



02/25/2015 4:34pm

Congratulations. Thanks for all your hard work to raise awareness of the on going plight of elephants!


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