Sedona and Tom having a moment on the Doggy Beach in Kitsilano at about 9:45 a.m, on March 25, 2014 

The Pets in Our Lives!  Today we are sad in our family to have said good-bye to Sedona, my son Tom's best friend.  Sedona and the other dogs in our family, Max, who is still with us, Midnight and Sammie who have lived before, are all pictured in a two panel acrylic painting on my site called From the Doggy Beach.  Max is the one who is sniffing and now, Sedona, is both pictorially and truly heading towards the other two who remain in a very special place in our memories.  Tell your pets every day how much you love them, take oodles of pictures of them, put them into your artwork and take courage when you have to make the hard decisions for them.  They enrich our lives and they break our hearts, but we have been blessed for their love and their short time with us.  


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