How lucky I am to live and walk amongst these amazing trees in what the Native People call the Spirit Forest! This creek is only ten minutes from my home.  Yes it rains a lot here during the winter months, but when the sun comes out and the mist slowly leaves the forest floor, it is magical!

Of course, there is tragedy here also as more and more people are moving to this place.  Last spring, my neighbours were all greatly upset as developers came to clear cut 10 acres of the forest just south of this creek.  They are in the midst of building another huge apartment building are are "crowing" that a development of 39 town homes sold out in three months.  There seem to be no restrictions on putting more and more condos into this narrow space that we call the North Shore.  As the trunks of these majestic trees were taken by truck down the hill and off to who knows where, it was like a funeral procession.  Of course, the black tailed deer, the bald eagles, the pileated woodpeckers, and all those little brown birds are displaced - and so it is funereal!

For the moment, I am refreshed and feel the magic of these places.  They must be protected.  I am blessed to be able to have this experience!  

This story of the destruction of rainforests and habitat is tragically true all around the world where the orangatans, the rhinos and the elephants, and now the Koalas of Australia are losing their homes. Too often, the perpetrators are Chinese who have new found wealth and little respect for Mother Earth, but clearly the governments of Australia, the United States, Tanzania, Zimbabwai and Swaziland are willing to sell what is really not theirs because of their own greed.  I do not understand this lack of forethought and selfishness.  Why do governments not move quickly to protect these spaces?  Why do people continue to buy products that will mean the depletion of these forests? If you agree with me, do not just nod your head!  Instead, take action, write to your governments, join an advocacy group, send money to help save those animals who are suffering, stop buying products that contain palm oil (that even includes peanut butter and your favourite shampoo!) - put your oar in the water and start to work on behalf of these Spirit Forests and the amazing wildlife on our planet!   

What a piece of work is man!